Webinar: Using Empathy Mapping to Drive Design

Keren Flavell • • 2 min read

TOPIC: “With, Not For” Designing Innovations in Aging through Empathy Mapping and Inclusive Design Teams

We are delighted to be guests for an up-coming webinar hosted by the good people at Aging 2.0.


We have the ability to create experiences that are situationally appropriate and environmentally aware, regardless of age, ability or stage of life. Aging2.0 Alliance member, gotoresearch, will introduce design thinking and the importance of the role of empathy. They will then take you through a rapid, iterative approach utilizing mobile ethnography and empathy mapping to envision and enhance today’s products and services to function in an increasingly distracted, situationally disabled world.

Learn six methods for effectively conducting experience & empathy mapping and how these visualizations of experience can become a framework for innovation.

Understand Mobile Ethnography and how deep dive, personalized research across time capture needs and behaviors not possible through other methods.

Learn how Adaptive Experiences vary situationally and how to design for context.


Kelly Goto, CEO, gotoresearch

Kelly Goto founded gotoresearch because of her belief in the power of Service Design to empower lives and fuel innovation. Over the last two decades she has focused her UX research and Ethnography towards this goal; working with clients such as Netflix, Citrix, Hyundai and Sony to meet the real needs of real people. As a popular speaker, author and supporter of the 2.0 Aging movement, Kelly maintains a balance between keynotes and coffee, devices and disconnecting.

Mary Piontkowski, Director of Insights & Service Design, gotoresearch

Mary Piontkowski is an experience strategist who has worked with high-profile companies such as Adaptive Path, EY-Seren, and Razorfish. Through her strategic approach, creative expertise, and mastery of a variety methods for design and innovation, Mary has helped build robust experiences for companies such as Barclays, T-Mobile, Kia, PayPal, Fidelity, Citrix and Target.

Mary is a service design leader who thrives in ambiguity — situations that require change and transformation. She believes good design and innovation come from collaboration between cross functional teams and through close attention to user insights, business goals, and some instinct. Mary is an evangelist for design thinking and insights-driven design. She actively speaks about the importance of empathy in the design process.